Free You Make Me Silly Valentine Tag

We love to give simple store bought Valentines.  They have so many fun ones out there now.  We also love to come up with our own Valentine gift ideas at times.  We did Goldfish Valentines for little brother last year and Star Wars for big brother.  This year after giving big brother a few ideas he chose trying the “You make me silly” Valentines for his class.  I created Free You Make Me Silly Valentine Tag for others to use too.  My son is so excited to give these out.  I hope all the kids enjoy this as much as he does.  Silly string is always fun, right. 


Free You Make Me Silly Valentine Tag



Free You Make Me Silly Valentine Tag


Valentines for kids


What we used/ Supplies:


Silly string from Dollar Tree


multicolored yarn


Tags I made “You Make Me Silly”




In all honesty I only used white paper for the staged photos of this valentine the rest of the cans are as is from the store with tied on tags.


You make me silly valentines for kids


What I did to make:


I took my printed out tags and cut them out.  You know your mom loves you when your printer breaks and you send her an email with a PLEASE PRINT ASAP.  My sweet mom brought these tags to me that night.  So print your tags if you can and then cut them out.  Next take a hole punch and punch a hole in the top.  Take your multicolored yarn and cut as many strings off as you need.  Now this next step is not necessary but can be done if you  wish.  Take white printer paper and cut to fit the can.  Wrap it around the can and tape.  Take your yarn and run it through the tag.  Now tie on to the cap of the silly string. 



You MAke ME Silly Valentines for kids



Now if you are like me and like to be ahead of the game when you can, pack up your cans in a box and know you are ready for your child’s class party.  Now for me to start brainstorming what to give out for little brother.  


You Make Me Silly Valentines



All of my printables are intended for personal use (you print for the kids to color, craft, and use as props).  Do not download my images to sell or reuse in an images of your own. See my Copy Right here.


Download here

Free printable from FSPDT


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