Fresh Grass Sensory Bin with farm theme

I love finding ways for my kids to explore new sensory experiences. It is so much fun for me to watch them as they take in new things.  My kids love all things outside!  One day after my husband cut the grass there were patches of cut up grass on the lawn.  He was on his way to blow the grass away and I stopped him and asked him to put away a box of cut up grass for me.  A few days later I created these farm themed grass sensory bins.  I couldn’t wait to watch the boys with them.
Fresh Grass sensory bin with farm theme

Fresh Grass Sensory Bin with farm theme

What you need: 

cut up grass( if your kids have allergies I would suggest allergy meds before use or not to use real grass.   You could always use Easter grass or shredded paper.  I know this takes away from the fresh grass experience but your kids safety is key).  A plastic box and farm toys.  I got these farm toys at walmart( the pack of toys was about $6).

What to do:  

Put the grass or alternative grass in the box.  Then place toys in there.  Last have the kids come play!  My oldest caught on to what I was doing before I was through setting up and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on his box.  The boys and I do take allergy medicine at times and we did take ours before play this day.

Let’s Play
Fresh Grass sensory bin with farm theme

When my son took off the lid we got hit with the smell of fresh grass.  I love this smell.  He went right to work on setting up how he wanted to play.  He enjoyed the texture of the grass.  We talked about the cows in his box and made moo noises,lol.

Fresh Grass sensory bin with farm theme

 We had talked about silos this summer and he got out buckets and water cans for his farm to have them.  I was tickled when he told me what they were.
Fresh Grass sensory bin with farm theme

Now its little brothers turn to come explore his sensory box.

Fresh Grass sensory bin with farm theme

My tot was in heaven with the grass.  He went straight to dumping it out as he does with a lot of his sensory bins.

Fresh Grass sensory bin with farm theme

They both had so much fun playing with the fresh grass.

Cost of fresh grass $0 but the lasting memories they gave me are priceless.

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