Frog Pond {Sensory Sink}

This is our last week on Sensory Sink Sunday.  The theme this week is a sensory pond.  Make sure to stop by My Nearest and Dearest to see what fun they got into.  I always love seeing Ann’s creativity with the sinks.  I have really enjoyed working with her to bring you Sensory Sink Sunday.  I hope you all have enjoyed this series as well.
We have been having a lot of fun playing in the sink the last few weeks.  For this sink I kept it very simple.  Both my toddler and preschooler got to play in this frog pond.  They both had fun but not as much as past sinks.  My oldest had a paper cut that I did not know about and after playing for a short while told me his hand was hurting:-(  I would have given him plain water had I know this.  He went on to do something else while littler brother splashed in the sink.  Neither of them seemed very interested in this sink.  However, they did still manage to have a little fun but they did not play as long as usual.  They both had fun touching all the items out for them.  They also played sink and float with what was out(we did this last week).  I think last weeks sink was their favorite.  
All kids are different and not all activities we plan as parents go over with the kids.  Some activities we present fail and if we present them again at another time may be a hit.  I think this happens at evryones house and wanted you to know it happens here too.  We are just an everyday family.  I hope that your kids can have fun with this idea and hope in the future my kids can enjoy it more.
Frog Pond {Sensory Sink}

 Frog Pond {Sensory Sink}

What I used
jello pack, rocks, sticks, plastic frogs, other small toys, foam sheets cutout to make lilly pads, glitter, and small containers.  (I forgot I had made ice boats for them.  We will have to play with them another day)
What we did
I sat all the items out on the counter.  I let them fill the sink with water and add the jello mix and glitter.  The lime smell was wonderful.  They soon started grabbing sticks and rocks and adding them to the water.  The sticks became their mixers.  The frogs hopped on the lily pads.  They kept adding glitter… Even though this wasn’t their favorite sink this day, they did have some fun exploring in their frog pond sink. 
Frog Pond {Sensory Sink}
We hope you can find a sensory sink that your kids love.  This link will take you to a homepage for the Sensory Sink Sunday series   It will tell you what a sensory sink is and what your kids can learn from them.  It will also give you a list with each sink from the series.  We will continue to explore with sensory sinks and we hope you might try one too.
A pin board just for Sensory Sink so you can see both mine and My Nearest and Dearest Sinks each week.


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