Two Ingredient Frozen Dough Recipe

It is time to kick off a new year of 12 months sensory dough series hosted by Lemon Lime Adventures!  This month we start off with frozen dough.  And I am not talking the Disney movie Frozen but literally frozen playdough.  This Two Ingredient Frozen Dough Recipe I will share with you today was cold just like real snow. Since we do not get snow often this was a real treat for my kids to play with.  They thought the cold temperature was really cool, lol. The kids and I can not wait for next month when we share a new dough recipe with you.  But until then we hope you can have some fun with frozen dough too.

2 ingredient playdough frozen dough recipe for playdough that is cold to the touch fun winter activitiy for the kids with no snow

Two Ingredient Frozen Dough Recipe

how to make frozen playdough

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Ingredients for Frozen Dough Recipe:

*baking soda –ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda, 13.5 Pound


*optional- Sulyn 4 oz. Glitter Jar – Light Blue

frozen dough recipe

How to make frozen dough play recipe:

This was so easy to make.  I poured about 2 cups of baking soda in a bowl.  Then I squeezed in lotion.  I mixed it up with my hands.  I added lotion until the dough was moldable.  For fun I added some glitter to the frozen dough recipe. I formed a ball with the dough and placed on a plate.  I put the dough in the freezer for 30 minutes.  Once frozen I took out.  I did not want a dough that was frozen solid but a dough that was cold and still moldable.

frozen playdough tray

For playtime I set out a simple frozen dough tray for the kids. The kids had been wanting to play with these snowmen erasers so I grabbed them, a few bowls, and spoons.

frozen dough sensory play activity idea for kids

The kids touched the dough and remarked how it was cold.  They had been wanting snow and this was as good as they would get this year.  No snow for us.  They mashed it in their hands.  Then scooped it up with spoons.

snowmen counting in frozen dough

My oldest turned it into a snowmen counting activity.  He counted snowmen as he placed them in the snow.  A simple and fun way to learn while playing.

two ingredient frozen dough recipe

So glad the kids had fun with the frozen dough recipe.  Look forward to more dough fun this year with them.

easy frozen dough recipe


This we like to keep on hand for sensory play:

B.Toys B. Let’s Dish Set Toy

IKEA – SMULA Tray, translucent polypropylene (X2)

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