Fun candy bone snack for kids

 I can’t remember where I came across this cute idea for a Halloween snack.  I think it was a magazine photo.  It looked simple enough to try out with my oldest son.  He and I love getting in the kitchen and trying out new treats. We could not wait to get started making our candy bones!

Fun "candy bone" snack for kids


                                                    Fun “candy bone” snack for kids

What you need to make candy bones:  

*pretzel sticks
*vanilla candy coating
*wax paper
Fun "candy bone" snack for kids
 How to make candy bones: 

Take the pretzel stick and add marshmallows at each end.

Fun "candy bone" snack for kids

Fun "candy bone" snack for kids

Fun "candy bone" snack for kids

Fun "candy bone" snack for kids
Once you are through adding the marshmallows, melt your candy coating.  Then, cover the pretzel bones in the candy coating. 
Last, put the bones on wax paper to dry.

Fun "candy bone" snack for kids
 Now the fun part starts by tasting your new treat with your kids.  Both my boys loved these little sweet treats.  I must say they are yummy.  I loved them though because they are so easy to make with no big clean up!  Hope you and your family may enjoy a “candy bone” too.

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