Fun Minion Treat For Kids

I love coming up with new things for my kids.  Whether it be an activity, craft or even a fun treat.  We are big Despicable Me fans over here.  We own the first movie and can’t wait for the new one to come to dvd so we can watch it.  Having a 4yr, 2yr, and 8 mo going to the movies doesn’t really work for us yet.  We look forward to family movies at the theater in our future.  So, since we are not rushing to the theater to enjoy the new movie, but keep seeing all the commercials and toy displays… right now I wanted to create something fun for the kids to enjoy here at home.  Why not a fun Minion treat I thought to myself.  And that is how the twinkie minion was born,lol.
Fun Minion Treat For Kids

Fun Minion Treat For Kids

I am no food artist but the idea was there in my head and I did my best to bring it to life.  This food art thing might be more fun than I thought.  I made this one for the kids but I can see me and the boys sitting down to make our own in the future.  Won’t that be fun to see their interpretation of a minion.
What I used:
I actually used Little Debbie cloud cakes but the term Twinkie I figured was more recognizable.  Black sprinkles, candy eye, black food gel, and  blue air heads.  I used yellow straws for the arms.
What to do:
I opened the cake and set it on a plate.  I took a few black sprinkles and poked them down in the top of the cake.  I then took a candy eye and placed it on a dab of the black gel to hold it on.  I traced out the black eye glass, mouth and overall traps with the black gel. I added a blue air head to the bottom of the cake to look like the rest of the overalls.  Added straw arms to cake.
Both my older boys couldn’t wait to eat him.  We do eat sugar and enjoy treats but I also try to limit it.  So we took our minion and cut him in half and the kids both got one half to eat.  All they needed.
Fun Minion Treat For Kids
As always we hope you and the kids can have fun with this too.

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