Gardening With Kids- planting flowers

We love Little Critter books over here.  My mother in law gave my oldest his first one about 2 years ago and he was hooked.  Since then our collection has grown to over 50.  ( yes wow)  I often kid we could build a house with all the books we have.  I guess I am just building kids that hopefully will love to read.  So back to Little Critter.  We just recently got a new book, A Green, Green Garden by Mercer Mayer.  
Gardening With Kids- planting flowers

After reading our book I thought it would be fun to do a little planting of our own.  And that is what we set out to do.

What we used



wagon and wheelbarrow


few decorations
Gardening With Kids- planting flowers
What we set out to do( I must say I learned a few things trying to plant flowers with two boys)
I had taken all 3 boys to the store to purchase our supplies.  You may laugh, I did, that when we got  there and I got 2 of the 3 boys in the shopping cart I realized I had no room to put the things we needed to buy!  I quickly thought to myself what will you do now.  As we headed toward the garden section I saw little shopping wagons.  Perfect!  I had an eager 4yr that wanted to pull one and that worked out great for us.  He is always my big helper.  We went through the store and gathered our supplies and headed home.  I was fortunate to get baby brother down for a nap.  Yay now only 2 kids to take out to plant flowers.  Not that we wouldn’t have loved for baby brother to tag along.  Once outside, we loaded the wagon and wheelbarrow to pull our stuff to the tree I wanted us to plant around.  Oh, did I tell you I have a black thumb,lol.  Well I pat myself on the back that I keep trying hoping for a better outcome each time. If I didn’t have 2 very excited boys with the thought of planting flowers I probably wouldn’t try, but for them, I did.  We poured out our dirt first then dug out holes for the flowers.  We then added lava rocks around in a circle.  ( I had to go back the next day {when my husband was home} for more rocks)  Last, they both added a few garden decorations. While trying to plant the flowers my kids kept scooping up the dirt and slinging it out into the yard and grabbing rocks and moving them about.  We did manage to get the flowers planted and looking nice before baby brother woke up.
Gardening With Kids- planting flowers
What I learned from planting flowers with my kids:  
do not go to the store without a plan
plant flowers during baby’s nap time
have a plan when ready to plant them( supplies on hand, location picked out, watering can….)
remember things don’t always go as planned
And remember to have fun! You are making memories with the kids that hopefully will last them a lifetime.
Gardening With Kids- planting flowers
I didn’t get to take a lot of photos because we all had dirty hands.  The flower bed looked much better with more rocks but I have yet to take the camera back out there for a new photo.  Now, my fingers are crossed that they live for a few weeks.
As always, we hope you and your kids can enjoy this book and then be inspired to get out and do a little planting of your own.
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