Getting Kids Excited to Keep Hands Clean

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We could not wait to get started with the Purell 30 day Challenge. We looked forward to finding ways to get excited about keeping our hands clean.  With school getting ready to start for us it was a great way to get the kids in a habit of good hand hygiene!  I have found several ways to get my kids excited to keep their hands clean over the last 30 days, thanks to Purell.  We look forward to many healthy days to come.
Getting Kids Excited to Keep Hands Clean

 Getting Kids Excited to Keep Hands Clean

Since starting the 30 day challenge we have increased the amount of times we clean our hands. My 3 yr is now a little obsessed with his small hand sanitizer bottle.  I can only see this being a good thing though.  He will even remind me to clean my hands at times.  We use our Purell hand sanitizer most often on the go.  After going to the bathroom, after shopping, before and after meals while out…  We are now in a good habit of keeping our hands clean and I see us keeping up with it even though the challenge is over.  The kids have their decorated “magic soap” for their classrooms.  My mother refers to hand sanitizer as “magic soap” to get the kids excited to clean their hands.  The term has stuck and hand sanitizer is AKA “Magic Soap” at my house.

What we have done for the challenge:

Getting Kids Excited to Keep Hands Clean


Decorating Hand Sanitizer Bottles to hang from backpacks 

* Keeping our hands clean in the car
* Coloring Peace Signs 
* Holding our clean hands together 

* Decorating larger pump hand sanitizer bottles for the kids teacher/classrooms

* Finding a place in the kitchen to put a Purell Pump

* Letting the kids help  squeeze out  hand sanitizer for each other

Our favorite challenge was the Paper Bag Dog Hand Puppet!!  The kids just loved making them and playing with them too.  The magic soap labels were a close second to the hand puppets.  We look forward to keeping up our good hand hygiene throughout the school year to cut down on the germs we spread.  

What can you and your kids do to get excited about keeping your hands clean?


Save and print Magic Soap aka hand sanitizer labels below:

Hand Hygiene Tips for Back To School from Purell


Recess/Gym Class
Everyone loves recess and gym class, including germs. Whether they are outside playing four square or inside playing kickball, make sure your child’s gym bags and lockers are equipped with a PURELL® Advanced JELLY WRAP so they can enjoy a healthy break from the classroom, but not hand hygiene.


On the Field
Win or lose on the field or court, make sure your child is a winner when it comes to hand hygiene. Be a team player and keep PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer on the sidelines for the players and their parents. One quick squirt after the game or match can make all the difference. If you do not have hand sanitizer on-hand, be sure to have PURELL Sanitizing Wipes in your bag so you can wipe away any dirt that accumulated during the game!


On-the-Go Parents: 
Hand hygiene is important for mom and dad too. Attach a PURELL® Advanced Jelly Wrap to a messenger bag, purse or briefcase before heading out the door for work. With easy access to hand sanitizer, mom and dad can practice proper hand hygiene at key moments during the day!


School Bus: 
Riding the bus for the first time is a big step for kids heading off to school. Give your kids the confidence to fight germs and spruce up their key chain or backpacks with a colorful PURELL® Advanced JELLY WRAP. You can even give one to the bus driver so they can have a healthy school year too.


Play Dates:  
With new friends come new germs. Whether you are hosting, or sending your child to a new friend’s house, remind them to sanitize their hands after playing and before eating. Keep PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer in plain sight so they don’t forget, or send some along with your child as a thank you for hosting.

We have the jelly wraps in the car, on my purse, on the kids backpacks, and on the stroller.  They are great way to keep hands clean and easy to keep up with.

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