Gingerbread Bath Paint~ baby safe

Baby brother just loved his first finger paints for the tub I made him.  I just loved watching him as he explored painting in the tub for the first time.  A simple and fun sensory activity for baby has been his bath paints.  With the Christmas holiday coming up, I wanted to add a little holiday fun to the bath.  Last year we did a Peppermint Ice Bath that was a big hit with the kids.  I need to come up with something  a little different and baby safe this year.  The idea of making Gingerbread Bath Paints that were baby safe came to mind.

 Gingerbread Bath Paint~ baby safe


What I used:

Baby cereal, ginger, water, muffin tin, spoons, and gingerbread men foam sheets.


 What to do:

Add baby cereal to each muffin tin space.  Then sprinkle with ginger.  Add water and mix.  I mixed it until it was thin but not runny.  Last I added spoons.

I took the foam gingerbread men and wet the back of them.  I then stuck them to the side of the tub.  I sat the muffin tin full of gingerbread paint inside for the kids.


Now all the kids had to do was come in and play.  This is a great sensory activity for multiple aged kids.  My 5yr, 2yr, and 1yr all got to enjoy this.  Sensory play is a great way for the kids to explore sight, taste, and touch.

I would say that this is baby approved too.  Well, really just kid approved because all my boys enjoyed the gingerbread bath paints.

Gingerbread Bath Paint~ baby safe by FSPDT
We enjoy painting the tub and foam sheets before we add water. This gives them time to have fun and make a mess.  When they get bored or too sticky we simply turn on the water and start rinsing them and the tub off.  Once rinsed, we fill with water for a normal bath.  Usually with a color tablet for more fun.
I hope you and your kids can enjoy this simple yet fun bath idea too.

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