Gingerbread Playdough Recipe

YAY, for Playdough Day.  One of the best days of the year! To celebrate here is a great holiday playdough recipe that can be fun anytime of the year.
It seems to have become a yearly tradition to make a batch of Gingerbread Playdough for the kids at Christmas time.  I made it last year for them to make a few Playdough Turkeys and they loved it.  I never got around to sharing the recipe.  This year the kids just had to have gingerbread playdough again.  I foresee many more Christmas’s with homemade holiday playdough.  Since my kids have enjoyed it so much, I have decided to find the time to write out the recipe so maybe others can enjoy it too.
 gingerbread playdough recipe

 Gingerbread Playdough Recipe 


Supplies/What I used:


cream of tarter



cornstarch, or I think, corn flour in UK


brown food coloring

spices: ginger, all spice, and cinnamon.


gingerbread playdough

What to do:

I have a go to recipe for most of my playdough.  I cant help but love it.  It is easy to make and keeps forever if stored well.  Follow this link to the full recipe and just add the spices and brown food coloring mentioned above.


Now we had a wonderful smelling gingerbread playdough to play in and make gingerbread men.  I added a plate with cookie cutters, pony beads (free from craftprojectideas), buttons, and googly eyes.  Perfect simple set up for some fun playdough play.

I just love the way playdough brings out my kids imaginations and creativity.  I always love seeing their creations.  Here is just one gingerbread man my son made.  I hope that maybe you and the kids can enoy this fun holiday playdough too.
gingerbread playdough  
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