Glitter Glue Pumpkins

Fall can never get here fast enough for me.  I love the change in weather and all the fun holidays that come with it.  I also enjoy our fall family traditions.  One of our fall traditions is going to the farm to pick pumpkins.  That is just half the fun.  The other tradition is coming home to decorate them together.  We did 2 simple pumpkin decorations last year.  They were perfect for my young kids.  This year since they are a little older we tried something new, Glitter Glue Pumpkins with googly eyes!
Glitter Glue Pumpkins decorating pumpkins with kids

 Glitter Glue Pumpkins

how to make a glitter glue and googly eye pumpkin
Supplies/What we used:
DIY glitter glue (black, purple, green)
googly eyes
extra glitter
What we did:
We made glitter glue.  I placed a pumpkin on paper.  I sat out glue, glitter, and googly eyes.  My son poured glitter glue all over the pumpkin.  I sprinkled a little extra glitter on it.  Then together we pressed on googly eyes.

This was our first time making glitter glue and I wished I had used less coloring.  i wanted  the dark colors of black, green ,and purple but wished they had come out a bit lighter.  We still had fun and loved our pumpkin in the end.



We hate to waste things over here, especially when it comes to crafting and playing.  We had a  collection of glitter glue left on the paper that was under the large pumpkin.  We decided to take one of our little pumpkins and roll it in the colored glue.  Once it was covered in glue my son added 2 eyes.  Now we had a baby pumpkin and a mommy pumpkin too.
My oldest and I decorated this pumpkin together.  We had a lot of fun spending time together and creating a new decorating for the up coming holiday.
As always we hope you can enjoy this too.

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