Glitter & Scented Candy Corn Playdough

I love all things CANDY CORN.  So I just knew I had to make the boys candy corn scented playdough for Halloween.  The kids and I love playdough.  I love making fun new colors and scents and they both love playing with it.  It is our go to activity over here.  Even though they play with it almost daily, they never get tired of it.  Playtime with playdough at my house is usually what entertains them and allows me to lay the baby down for a nap or to work on the laundry. On the days it works out for me to play along side them I love it too.  I not only had playdough for us to play with but I also had enough to make party favors for my son’s class party.  It was a big hit with his classmates and teacher.
candy corn playdough recipe 

 Glitter & Scented Candy Corn Playdough


What I used:

Cornstarch, salt, flour, cream of tarter, oil, vanilla extract, water, orange and yellow gel food coloring, and little plastic containers from dollar Tree. 


What to do:

Follow the basic recipe for my playdoughs HERE.  Add in vanilla extract to each batch.  Make 2 batches.  Leave one white, add orange food coloring to one( if you do not have orange mix yellow and red food coloring together), and make one yellow by adding food coloring.  I added glitter to both the yellow and orange. I forgot when I made the white.

I filled each little container with yellow, orange, and white playdough stacked on top of each other.  The playdough smelled great and I thought it looked so cute.  I was so excited that the kids and teacher liked it too.
I hope that you and your kids might enjoy some candy corn playdough too.
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