Gold Doubloons Playdough Mark/Print Making

My kids love these fake gold doubloons we got at a craft store a few years ago to play with.  We have come up with many ways to use them over the years.  We shared our Indoor Treasure Hunt and Treasure Themed Sensory Sink with you all before.  And now we wanted to share another way we have used our gold doubloons.
Gold Doubloons Playdough Mark Making
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If you follow my blog or Facebook page you know we love playdough over here.  It is definitely one of our go to activities.  Both my toddler and preschooler can enjoy playdough together and that is a plus for me.  It often can be challenging to find things they both can enjoy.  Since we love both playdough and these coins we decided to put them together for some fun mark/print making one afternoon.
Gold Doubloons Playdough Mark Making
What we used:  
I love homemade playdough and this is my favorite recipe HERE.  However, this day we did not have yellow playdough made, so I just grabbed some store bought out of the cabinet.  We have tons of that laying around too.  We then got out our doubloons and a tray.  Oh, and of course it would not be right if we didn’t have our coin bags out while we played.
Gold Doubloons Playdough Mark Making
What we did:
Once we had everything out on the table we flattened out the big piece of playdough.  Then the kids started pressing the coins down in the playdough. They thought it was so neat to see the mark of the doubloon left in the playdough.  
Gold Doubloons Playdough Mark/Print Making
So what will we use our gold doubloons for next?  Follow along so you don’t miss out when we find or share a few other ways to play with them.  What fun ways do you use them with the kids?
As always we hope you and the kids can enjoy this too.
Gold Doubloons Playdough Mark Making

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