Goodnight Moon Scavenger Hunt

It is time for another Preschool Book Club  post!  My favorite posts of the month.  Today we are exploring a classic book we have been reading for some time at my house, Goodnight Moon.  We had the Runny Away Bunny first and my kids loved it!  So when we got another Margaret Wise Brown book we were stoked.  A fun bedtime story for kids and parents too.  We decided to have a Goodnight Moon Scavenger Hunt Game before bed.  A fun way to help tire out the kids and read a book too.


Goodnight Moon Scavenger Hunt





Goodnight Moon Scavenger Hunt



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What we used/ supplies:


lots of construction paper- brown, orange, blue, yellow, red, green




Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers, 12-Pack, Assorted Colors


one hubby that can draw, lol


Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System (TL901)




What we did/ how to make:


I was going to do my awful sketches of the items in the book but I got lucky and my hubby said he would do them for me.  The kids would have loved it either way.  I am so glad he was in a drawing mood.  My husband does love to draw so this gave him a good push to do so.  He also loves to see the kids have fun too and he knew these scavenger hunt cards would be a lot of fun for them.   If you have time you could try to find clipart…. but I looked a little and didn’t like anything I saw and was not going to buy anything that didn’t have the Goodnight Moon look to it either.  Maybe I am picky, lol.  But finding free clipart and printing it out is a great option.  And if he had not been willing to draw them, I was going to just sketch as well as I could the items I needed on the construction paper so the kids could play. I stacked a lot of colored construction paper on top of each other and cut down the middle and in half again.  He took the colored sharipes and drew the pictures I asked for.  Once you have the drawings on the cards laminate them.


Now the fun could start!  I hid them all over one of the bedrooms.  I sat the book on the table so they could reference it for what to look for.  We had 17 cards to hide and find.  I did the initial hide and they came to look for them.  Running and moving around the room was great for their gross motor skills.  It was also a great pre bedtime activity to wear them out.


After they found them the first time we sat down, read the book, and went over each card.  They put them in order as we said goodnight to them with the story.  After that, big brother and little brother took over.  They played Goodnight Moon Scavenger Hunt together for an hour before bed.


Since the cards are laminated I  think they will hold up for a long time and will get a lot of use out of them.  They had so much fun and were ready for bed after!  A successful activity in my book.


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