Grandparents Day – craft/card

I was looking for an easy and cute Grandparent’s day craft to do with my boys and found this one at Handprint and Footprint Art.  So cute to make as a picture or card.  We are doing ours as a card so it serves as two purposes, a card and a gift. 

Grandparents Day - craft/card

What you need:  

Paper( we used construction paper), sharpie or something to write with, paint( we use finger paint), paper plate to put paint on, and a wipe or paper towel to wipe up messes quickly.

Grandparents Day - craft/card

What we did:  

I folded the paper in half and had my husband write the cute little saying( that I got from above idea) in the inside of the card.  Then put finger paint in a paper plate.  We dipped my boys hands in the paint and put them on top of the card( this makes the outside of the card).  After the paint is dry go back and add children’s name beside them.

Grandparents Day - craft/card
Grandparents Day - craft/card

We now have simple and cute Grandparents Day card/gift for the boys grands.  Hope this can be a fun craft project for you and your kids too.

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