Green Eggs and Ham A Dr. Seuss Bath

Try them, try them, and you may! Try them and you may, I say.” 
Dr. Seuss
We don’t need an excuse over here to get a Dr. Seuss book out to read, we love them.  However, we have never taken a book to the bath before and with Dr Seuss’s Birthday(March 2nd) coming up now was a good excuse to try it.  I started last year celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday with the kids.  We had so much fun last year I have been anxiously awaiting his birthday again.  I have been looking forward to planning something new and fun for my boys.  A Dr. Seuss bath seemed to be just that new and fun idea.
Dr Seuss bath activity

Green Eggs and Ham a Dr. Seuss Bath

dr seuss bath
Green Eggs and Ham is one of my oldest sons favorite Dr. Seuss books.  Because of this I went with a Green Eggs and Ham theme bath for them.  I started brainstorming and looking through the house for items I could use to make this happen.  I gathered some other items to make it work.
What I used:  I took our white foam snowflakes(from our winter bath) and cut part of them off.  Yes they may not be a perfect fit for an egg but with a little imagination they work just fine.  I put green yolk on them with a green sharpie.  I also had green foam circles on hand.  I drew on them as well with the sharpie to make green ham.  I then got out a tray and 2 forks.  I then set up a cooking station in the tub with play dishes from our kitchen.  I added a paper sign and the book to the bathroom.  I then came back and made them a cute and simple snack.  “Green Eggs and Ham Pudding Cup Snack”  is what I call it.  Simply just drop one green skittle on the top of each pudding cup.  
dr seuss

Now it was time for them to get in.  If you have seen some of my past bath posts you rarely see my kids enjoying them  This is because they never want to leave their clothes on( I don’t blame then it is a bath).  They agreed to let me capture their fun for a few minutes before they were completely bath ready.  They were playing while I read the story to them.

dr seuss birthday

They got to enjoy a snack, cook, hear a book, and get a bath.  I love to make fun baths for my kids when I can and I always like to be able to bathe them too.  Once they finished their pudding cups we rinsed the tub out and filled with water.  We added yellow and blue fizzy color bath tablets to make green water.  I went over what 2 colors make green with the boys.  See, we even learned a little while playing and bathing.  I like to multi task!  Get as much done as you can at one time.  They had a lot of fun with their Green Eggs and Ham Bath and I had a lot of fun putting it together and playing with them while they played too. Would you like green eggs and ham in a tub?  Try it try it and you may.

dr seuss birthday
Here is a link to Wikipedia to read a little on Dr. Seuss if you like.  
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