Grits Sensory Bin- Southern Style Fun For Everyone

Oh, how we love sensory play at my house.  My boys love exploring new materials to play in and I love finding new ways for them to play. Its a win win for us.  We live here in the south and when All Done Monkey asked us to join her in a Southern Style Blog Hop I quickly said sure.  She came up with a few titles for the blog hop and one of them mentioned “grits”.  Perfect I thought south, grits, grits, south they go hand in hand here.  And of course my mind went to racing with all the fun ways we could share a “southern style” activity with others.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the grits.  We have eaten them but have yet to PLAY in them.  This was the perfect time to take two of our loves, sensory play and the south, and combine them into one fun southern themed activity.  That is how the Grits Sensory Bin was born.
Grits Sensory Bin- Southern Style Fun For Everyone

When my boys saw the rubbermaid come out I had a hard time getting everything set up.  They knew it was playtime!  When I can I try and get activities set up without their knowledge so I can finish before they start playing with everything I get out.  For this bin I lost the trucks several times before I was ready and had to get them to hunt them down and bring them back to me,lol.  This really only took about 10 minutes total to put together.  Getting everything out and outside took the longest with 2 eager boys right under my feet.  Once I made it out, I quickly added the grits to the bin and put in the toys.  
Grits Sensory Bin- Southern Style Fun For Everyone

Sensory Play- anything that awakens the sense of touch, sight, taste, smell, and sound.

What I used:

Yellow and white grits, John Deer Tractors, and CAT trucks.  We have a few under bed storage bins and we used our large one for this.  We also had a few road signs and I added those in.  Last, I had a picnic style table cloth from Dollar Tree and I used it.

What I did:

Laid out table cloth and taped it down.  Set bin on top of it.  Poured in dry grits.  Added toys.  Last, have kids come play.

Grits Sensory Bin- Southern Style Fun For Everyone
They just loved this new texture to play in.  It is a lot like sand but doesn’t stick to you like sand does.  And, if little brother puts it in his mouth, I don’t have to panic.   I can see us playing with grits more often.  Even with all the scoop and dumping in the box we managed to still have plenty of grits left in the bin at the end of playtime.  I stored the box in the garage and we can play with it again until the grits are gone.  
Grits Sensory Bin- Southern Style Fun For Everyone
We love finding new ways to play and explore through crafts, food, and places.  Do you have a southern themed post.  If you do, link up at the bottom of this post.  We would love to see what you have been up to.  And in true southern fashion ya’ll come back now ya hear.
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