Gross Motor Action Cards

Gross motor skills are used in the large muscle groups such as the arms, legs, and, torso.  Gross motor activities are often a go to idea for my high energy kids.  We can work on improving their gross motor skills and burn off some energy all in one!  One afternoon I found some foam pumpkin cutouts in the closet and thought I would put them to use.  I made gross motor action cards from them and the kids and I headed outside to play!


Gross Motor Action Cards

Gross Motor Action Cards



Supplies/what I used:


foam pumpkins


sharpies or other markers




How to make gross motor action cards:


It is so simple just think of things that use the large muscle groups: Gallop, stand on one foot, run in a circle, hop on one foot….  You can make as many or as few as you like.




To start, for extra fun, I hide the action cards around the yard.  I let the kids go and hide them before we started trying the activities out on the cards.  Now that big brother can read he was excited to read off to the little kids what to do.


They hopped on one foot and jumped up and down…  We even placed the action cards out on the ground in a line and jumped over them.  We put the cards closer together and walked them like a balance beam too.  These simple craft foam pumpkins brought lots of fun to playtime this afternoon.  It also helped them burn off some energy too.

Fall Gross Motor Action Cards for Kids




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