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We love simple science at my house.  Even young children can get excited about science.  I love finding experiments that all 3 of my children can be involved in.  Even the littlest gets excited to be a part of whatever we are doing.  My middle child started doing experiments with me and my oldest when he was very young and now he is a pro at 3.5yr.  He knows something is going to happen to whatever I have out when I mention science.   Gummies Science is a fun experiment for the young kids but the older kids enjoy it too.  Bonus is they even get to eat a treat when experimenting with the gummies.




Gummies Science for Kids



 Gummies Science




What we used/supplies:


Lifesaver bunnies and eggs gummies


little glass bowls


measuring cup




What to do/ the experiment:


Have the kids place the gummies in the bowls.  We did several so that the kids could all have at least one to say was theirs.  Mommy got one too.   Next pour the water in the bowls.  Now let the kids look at the gummies and make observations and predictions of what they think will happen.



We left the gummies in the water overnight.  The next afternoon we came back to check on them.  As you can see they grew overnight!

science for kids


The gelatin in the gummies causes them to absorb water.  That is why they are more than twice their size the next day.  It also keeps them from dissolving too.  Most candies we put in water will dissolve.  But the gummies grew instead.



The kids did not eat the gummies that had been in the water but they did eat the ones we got fresh out of the bag to compare them with.  They explored the texture of the swollen gummies and said they were sticky and gooey.  And there was no way they would eat them.  Good, I thought.  I would hope you would not, lol.  Now what to try to grow or dissolve next.

gummies science


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