Gummy Bear Science Experiment

This gummy bear science experiment is a great starter science experiment for young kids.  I could not wait to gather the few things we needed to do this experiment.  We have just recently started doing science experiments and my preschooler and toddler ( to my surprise for him) just love them and really get excited about what we are looking at.  They keep asking to do a new experiment so I hope to keep sharing the fun ones we find with you.  I can definitely see the kids asking to do this experiment again. 
Gummy bear science experiment
This experiment was inspired by  Gummy Bear Science Experiment from Teach Preschool.  Teach Preschool has an amazing site and you should head over and take a look around! 

Gummy Bear Science Experiment

Supplies/What you need:
Gummy bears
small bowls
                                      Gummy bear science experiment
What we did:
I got out 2 gummy bears for each kid.  They were not going to see candy and not eat it.  Each kid got to eat a gummy bear while I explained what we would do.  I told them we would put water in a bowl and then add the gummy bears.  We would leave them a few days to see what would happen to them. 
                         Gummy bear science experiment
Once the gummy bears were in the water we sat them on the counter.  My tot, every few minutes, would run up to the counter and say ” see mommy”.  He couldn’t wait to see what would happen.  We left them for 3 days.  We checked them often and made observations on what was happening.  We guessed what we thought would be the end result.
Gummy bear science experiment
On the 3rd day I sat the bowls outside on their picnic table.  I also brought out 2 more gummy bears so they could see what they looked like before we sat them in the water and left them.  We talked about how they had grown.  We touched them and  then the kids started mashing them.  Of course they ate the fresh gummy bears I brought out and after mashing the experiment ones I trashed them and wiped their hands off.  We found that gummy bears left in water more than double in size!  
Gummy bear science experiment
We hope your kids can have some science fun with this idea too.
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