Halloween Frozen Goop

We first tried goop in 2012 and the kids loved it.  See it here How to Make Goop.  Ever since, we have only played with “goop” a few more times.  Our sweet potato ooey gooey fall table was fun last year.  I even got in on playing in that one, lol.  With Halloween coming up I set out to come up with a few sensory play ideas I knew my kids would enjoy.  This Halloween Frozen Goop was a big hit with the kids!  
Halloween Frozen Goop on FSPDT

Halloween Frozen Goop

What I used:

corn starch (corn flour UK)

gel food coloring

black glitter

cranberry mandarin scent

odds and ends

How to make Halloween Frozen Goop:
Take one box of corn starch and add water, food coloring, scent, and glitter to bowl.  Start mixing.  Add more water if needed.  You want it to be able to mix but not over watery.  Add what ever fun items you want now.  I had bugs, eyes, snakes!  Place in freezer until frozen.  Mine sat in there a few days before we got to play with it.  

What we did:

I laid a white plastic table cloth out and sat the bowl on it.  I also sat out a few bowls, forks, and scoops.  I went back and got a few cups of water for them later.

My oldest had no clue I made this for them.  When he saw it he freaked out in a good way.  Very excited.


Goop is very messy!!  We have yet to have it stain our clothes.  It seems to wash out well.  However, putting on clothes that are ok to get messy is a good idea.

This is NOT edible!  Baby brother got to check it out but he soon went to play with daddy while the big boys made a mess.

The kids grabbed a clear bin and dumped the frozen goop over into it.  Then they asked for water.  I gave them both a cup full and they poured it over the goop.  They were trying to get the treasure out faster.

The frozen goop is cranberry mandarin scented and the smell was awesome!  I could smell it standing up but when I asked my son if he liked the smell he had to pick it up and take a good sniff.

Their favorite sensory part of this play activity was touch.  They loved to feel the frozen goop, then to touch all the items they got out, and then to run their fingers through the thawed out goop.  I loved that they worked together to get the items out of the frozen goop.  


No telling how messy things would have gotten.  It started to rain(lightly) at the end and they ran inside. EEK, I caught them at the door and had them take the dirty clothes off and their shoes.  Be warned, if they step in the goop and track it in the house the floor can become slippery.  They usually have on flip flops or crocs during messy play.  We leave them outside and I rinse them later.  They went to the bath and I grabbed up all the play items, put them in the bowl and brought them in and left them in the sink and washed them later.  The bin got rinsed out later with the hose.
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