Halloween I spy/sensory bottles

 I was inspired by Adventures at home with Mum for this fun idea of making a Halloween holiday themed sensory bottle.  We have made many I spy/sensory bottles before and they are always fun. The kids got excited they could help make them and then play with them after.
Halloween I spy/sensory bottles

Halloween I spy/sensory bottles

What I used:
glitter, food coloring, googly eyes, plastic spiders, and Halloween themed glitter confetti I found at Walmart.  Of course you need empty clear plastic bottles.  We had an old choc. milk bottle and a powerade bottle.  I forgot that I added clear glue and corn syrup after my oldest was through with the bottle and I always hot glue the top on the bottle before they can have it to look at.
What to do: 
give the bottles to the kids.  Give them the plastic pieces and glitter pieces to put in the bottles.  Great for fine motor skills and they love doing this.  For my oldest he got to add glitter, water, and food coloring to his bottle.  My youngest was having so much fun putting his pieces in and dumping them out we didn’t complete his bottle for him.  We left it alone for him to play with.
 Adding the fun decorative pieces to the bottles.
Halloween I spy/sensory bottles
 I loved that big brother went over to help little brother out.  My oldest thought that since little guy kept dumping them out he needed help to put them back in since he was through with his bottle.
 Adding the glitter.
Halloween I spy/sensory bottles
 Adding the water.
Halloween I spy/sensory bottles
 Adding the  food coloring.  Now is when I added the clear glue and corn syrup.  Then hot glued the top on the bottle.
Halloween I spy/sensory bottles
 My little guy loved the bottle.  It was a bit big for him but it didn’t stop him from carrying it around and being proud of the bottle.
 They had fun making the bottles and we have since been looking inside it to see what we can find inside.  What a fun and easy holiday activity.  We hope you may have some fun with this idea  too.
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