Handprint Cherry Blossom Tree

And the Cherry Blossom crafts continue today.  First one was Melted Crayon Cherry Blossom Tree here.   I will be posting all 5 of our crafts on the blog and then putting together a round up to showcase them all.  Simple and fun craft ideas for kids aged 1-5yr.
Today we have handprint art with plastic bottle print making.  We have done the Plastic Bottle Print Making before and it was a big hit over here.  This day was no different.  The kids had lots of fun stamping their paper and creating cherry blossom crafts.
Handprint  Cherry Blossom Tree

Handprint Cherry Blossom Tree

Handprint Cherry Blossom Tree

What we used:

brown construction paper

glue stick

pink paint

white construction paper

plastic bottle




Handprint Cherry Blossom Tree

What we did:

First we traced my son’s hand and arm on brown paper.  Then I cut it out.  He glued the hand/arm print onto his white paper.  He now had his tree trunk.

Handprint Cherry Blossom Tree


Now he dipped the bottle into the bowl of pink paint and then made prints with it on the paper.  This was his cherry blossom flowers.  I think he could have dipped and stamped all day.

Handprint Cherry Blossom Tree

His final bottle printed cherry blossom trees.  I instructed him to not print past the top of the first one.  The second one I just let him go wild and really enjoy.

Handprint Cherry Blossom Tree
We had a wonderful afternoon making cherry blossom art.
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