Handprint Mittens


 I was worried this craft, Handprint Mittens, was too simple and had second thoughts about doing it.  However, I truly love how they turned out.  A fun keepsake art for me and, the kids love that their hands are “in mittens” on the paper.  This is our post for today in the Holiday Print Series with House of Burke.


mitten handprint art for kids





Handprint Mittens

mitten handprint art


What we used:


white paint


blue, green, red paper




washie tape


mitten handprint art


What we did:

 I made handprints of all 3 kids.  They are 2yr, 3yr, and 6yr.  After I painted their hands I pressed them on the paper.  Making prints of both left and right hand.  We left them to dry.


mitten handprint art


I came back with the sharpies and traced mittens around their little handprints.  For the first one I only used the sharpie.  For the other two, I got out the washie tape to add.


mitten art

 I just love the extra pop of color the washie tape gave the mittens.  Simple, yet fun and cut!  Win, win all around for us.


 Head over to House of Burke to see:  Grinch Handprint Art

holiday print art


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