Handprint Parrot

We are excited to take part in the “Cape Discovery” summer crafting challenges from Jo-Ann Fabrics and Craft Stores.  They have over 70 projects you can look through (HERE) to be inspired to create something amazing with the kids this summer.  I was asked to pick one project to share with you and give you my thought on the project in return for a few craft supplies(purchased with a gift card they sent).  This crafty mommy is not going to turn down craft supplies. However, I will share with you how I truly felt about the craft.  I must say once I started looking through the project ideas I had a hard time picking only one!  There are a lot of great craft ideas there for you and the kids to look through.  
Handprint Parrot

Handprint Parrot

Since I have a 4yr and 2yr that I craft with right now I chose something fun and simple.  I went with the Handprint Parrot.  
I followed the directions HERE.
What you need: ( jo-anns carries all the supplies needed)
green, red, yellow construction paper
foam paint brush
googly eyes
glue stick
sketch book
and a willing little kids hand;-) 
What we did:
I took big brother and painted his hand with red paint.  We made a handprint pointing down. We then did one handprint on either side of it facing out. I painted his hand each time.  We let it dry.  I took my red paper and cut out 2 circles, one smaller than the other.  I just used random round bottles to trace and then cut out the paper.  I also cut out by hand a few “feathers” from the red paper.  I then cut out a beak.  I just cut the tip of the yellow paper and then trimmed the edges.  Last, I hand drew 4 leaves on the green paper and cut them out.  When the handprints were dry I had big brother glue the red circles down over the handprints.  He glued on the nose and eyes.  He added the feathers and last the leaves.
Handprint Parrot #summerofjoann
Now we had our very own Parrot handprint craft just like the one from Jo-Anns Cape Discovery Catalog.  As you can see below, it turned out pretty close.  Theirs is on the left and our is on the right. This was a fun and easy craft.  I was truly inspired by their catalog and hope you might find a project over there you and your kids can enjoy too.
Handprint Parrot #summerofjoann
You can sign up HERE to become a preferred customer and receive 20% off coupons and get notices of great deals and coupons to come from Jo-Anns.  I have always loved their store and was very happy to take part in this challenge with them.
As always, we hope you can have fun with this craft too.
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