Handprint Turkey – Thanksgiving crafts for Young Kids

Turkey Handprints are a family tradition at my house.  I look forward to them each year.  We love to find new ways to decorate them at my house.  This year I decided to let each kid do their own unique decoration.  The fingerprint turkey was perfect for my toddler.  And we both loved making it together.
  handprint fingerprint turkey craft for kids

 Handprint Turkey – Thanksgiving crafts for Young Kids



Supplies/What we used:

white paper




brown marker


googly eye


glue stick

handprint turkey craft for kids
How to make a Handprint Turkey Craft:

I traced little brother’s hand with the brown marker.  I colored half of it in.  We glued the googly eye on to the turkey.  I also added the legs, and beak with a marker.  He then got to dip his finger in paint and make finger prints to decorate his turkey feathers.  

Now all 3 of the kids had their own unique Turkey Handprints for the year.  Big brother had a  Candy Corn Turkey and baby brother had a Candy Turkey all his own.

Big brother could not help but want to make one too.  Seeing all the fun little brother and I were having had him asking to make one too. Note, I did ask him before we started if he wanted to make one and he said no.  But once he saw us making one he had to try it out.

Making these classic handprint turkeys is a fun way for us to kick off our Thanksgiving celebrations at my house.  They make for fun decorations for our art wall.  They also help put us in the spirit for the upcoming holiday.  And, of course, as their mom I just love seeing their little handprints up on the wall to enjoy.  One day they will be too big to do this with, but I will always have these prints to keep and cherish.
I hope you and your kids can enjoy this craft too.

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