Happy Father’s Day to a great daddy!

My husband is a wonderful daddy.  It has been a heart warming experience to watch him over the years bond with our children.  The love he has for them can be seen in his eyes.  When big brother or little brother give him a hug or a kiss my husband lights up.  And even if daddy is really tired after working a long week, he will still take the time to play.  This is so special to my boys to spend time with him.  And my husband wouldn’t want to miss out on these moments he has with them either, even if hes tired.  I love to step back and watch them play.  It is a priceless experience.  I love to hear him and my oldest 3 1/2 yr talk.  Even if it is just about what to name the hot wheels they are playing with. One of their special bonding things is to ride to the gas station and get drinks and gummies.  Love that they have their own thing.  Our youngest is now 1yr and has stated to realize daddy has to leave for work and gets upset now:-(  He has grown to love daddy very much over this last year.  I love to watch him get his shoes almost every morning for daddy to take him outside!  I look forward to all the heart warming moments they will have.  And I know we will have  those I want to pull my hair out at moments over the years too but we don’t live in a fairy tale over here, lol.  But I am so blessed to have a man that is such a great daddy to our boys.  I thanks God for him and the role he plays in our lives.
I do wish all of you guys a very happy Father’s Day, you all are so very important in your children’s lives!!!

Tiny town on one of our adventures with the kids!

Big brother, Daddy, and little brother out to breakfast one morning.

Please feel free to leave a comment about dads.  I would love to hear from you.

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