Heart Shape Lacing Activity and The Kid’s Co-op

Heart Shape Lacing Activity and The Kid's Co-op

                        DIY Heart Shape Lacing Activity
I set off the other night to find a simple heart activity for me and the boys online.  I came across the idea and templet from dltk  to do a heart lacing activity with them.  My oldest(4yr) has done a few lacing activities before and enjoyed them so I thought this was a good choice.  I thought it would be fun to let little brother have a try too.  We are going over the letter H and the heart shape now and Valentine’s Day is coming up so I thought this simple heart lacing activity would fit in great.  We love simple learning fun over here.

What we used:  heart templet from above, red cardstock paper, hole punch, scissors, and yarn.  Optional: to decorate the heart we used crayons and water color. The boys had a lot of fun with this part.

What to do:  trace the heart out on the paper and then cut.  I did this part.  I went ahead and punched the holes out too but some older kids could help with this part.  I then put out crayons and water colors for the boys to decorate the hearts.  The boys colored the hearts with crayon first and then used water colors over it.  They both (4yr & 1.5yr) love to use the water colors so any activity at our house with those is a hit.  Once the hearts had dried the boys were able to lace their hearts.  My oldest did well with his but little brother is not quite ready for his.  However, little brother did feel included since he had one too.  This was the important part to me.  I didn’t expect  him to lace the heart when we started.

Heart Shape Lacing Activity and The Kid's Co-op


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