Holiday Food Scavenger Hunt for Kids – service acts for kids

This Holiday season get the kids excited about giving with a Food Scavenger Hunt at the grocery store.  After finding all the items on the Holiday Food Scavenger Hunt donate them to your local food bank!  A fun way to get the kids involved in service acts. This is also great for multi-aged kids.
Holiday Food Scavenger Hunt for Kids with free printable on FSPDT

I was asked to help head up the school’s can food drive again this year.  I am pleased to help with this project.  I am a big believer in donating to your local food bank.  You never know how touched a person will be that receives the food you send in.  It might be the highlight of their day or their saving grace for the week. I also hope that many children that would otherwise go hungry are able to eat from our donations.
I had an idea for a holiday food scavenger hunt to share with the school.  I took my kids to the grocery store one day and we set out to find “holiday” type food items we could donate.  Once we bought our items, I came home and photographed them to make a printout for the school.  The kids could take this printout and go search for food items to buy and donate for our school can drive.
My boys had so much fun on this food scavenger hunt.  We only bought one of each item this day.  We will soon go back and buy one more of each item.  This way both my kids can turn in a bag full of holiday food items in their separate classes.  These food items are not high priced.  I also like that you can do this without spending a lot.  Every little bit helps.
Holiday Food Scavenger Hunt for Kids
We hope you and your kids can enjoy this activity too.  May  the spirit of giving be contagious. 
Holiday Food Scavenger Hunt for Kids free printable list
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