Homemade Bath Paint- perfect for sick kids

Do you ever have those days when the kids are sick and you just cant seem to find anything they want to do.  It seems no matter what you suggest they just want to complain.  Well, I know when we don’t feel well we are not always agreeable.  I do know that when I am feeling sick I enjoy a nice hot shower most the time. When my kids are sick and complaining putting them in a nice warm tub to play usually settles them down( for a bit). So what better than to add some homemade bath paints that would be useful for their colds.  They loved them and came out feeling better(by no means cures but they could breathe better for a while).
 Bath Paint for sick kids

What we used:
I already had some hair conditioner with eucalyptus that I had got for less than a dollar when I coupon shopped.  Regular cheap conditioner should be ok to use. Eucalyptus oil.  Why do I bring up eucalyptus?  It is  a natural oil that helps with colds.  Perfect to add to bath paints for sick kids:) Food coloring and a muffin tin.  Also grab a few paint brushes.
Eucalyptus bath paint
What to do:
Add conditioner to each muffin cup.  Then add a little eucalyptus oil to each cup.  Last add the food coloring you want and mix. That’s it. Easy and fast!
Homemade Bath Paint- perfect for sick kids by FSPDT

Now the kids are ready to play in the tub. Or sit and breathe in the scented paint to help clear their heads.

Homemade Bath Paint- perfect for sick kids by FSPDT

One of my boys sat down and the other one moved back and forth in the tub painting everything.  We just paint the sides of the tub and the this time we added star foam sheets to the side of the tub to paint too.  

Homemade Bath Paint- perfect for sick kids by FSPDT

Both kids settled down after the bath.  Their heads were clear and they had gotten to play a little and enjoy a relaxing activity without over doing it. Perfect activity on the days they don’t feel well.

Homemade Bath Paint- perfect for sick kids by FSPDT

We didn’t add water until they had finished painting in the tub.  Do be careful if the kids get paint on the bottom of the tub it can be slippery.  So we filled large cups of water and washed the paint away.  Once they did this(which was more fun in the tub),  we filled it up and washed.

Homemade Bath Paint- perfect for sick kids by FSPDT
Now that bath time was over it was time to settle down time before bed.  My kids loved this simple and helpful activity on this sick day for them.   I can see us doing this many more times in the future.  I hope your kids can enjoy it too.

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