Homemade Valentine Postcards- easy for young kids but fun for all ages

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Homemade Valentines Postcards
We usually buy Valentines to give out.  It is quick and easy.  Being a mom of 3 kids under 5yr, quick and easy are my favorite words.  Having a new baby it has been hard for me to get out with all 3 boys.  So this year I looked through our craft supplies and pulled out some paper and stickers.  Now what to do with them I thought.  Postcards!  So I set out to have the kids help make “homemade valentine postcards” to give out. Such a simple idea and yet so cute.  This was a prefect card for both my tot and preschooler to help make.  And for me it was “quick and easy”.  What I used: cardstock, marker, stickers, and scrapbook scissors.  What we did:  I cut out all the postcards and drew the line down the middle and added TO: on the right side.  Now for the fun part, letting my kids add all kinds of valentine’s day stickers to each postcard.  They both love stickers and always have fun sticking them all over our craft, themselves, and mommy.  Now all I had to do was write happy valentine’s day and from on the left side.  I took the easy way out with happy valentine’s day on the postcards but I know you all can come up with something cute to write.  This worked out great.  It gave the kids something fun to do and we now have our cards ready to handout!  For me quick and easy doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  It is what helped us make these cute homemade valentines postcards.

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