Hot Chocolate Snow Dough

Last winter we bought hot chocolate at the store to try with the kids.  Well I do not know about you but my kids are picky!  They did not like the hot chocolate at all.  I drank as much of it by myself that I could but I did not make it through the whole box.  This poor box sat in the pantry for some  time.  Over the summer I grabbed it at one point to toss it.  Then this idea of creating a play activity with it for the kids hit me.  So I put it back on the shelf and left it for when the time was right.  Today the time was right.  With  Christmas and winter coming up I thought it would be a great time for some Hot Chocolate Snow Dough for a sensory activity with the kids.
 hot chocolate snow dough recipe

 Hot Chocolate Snow Dough

Hot Chocolate Snow Dough by FSPDT
Play Recipe  for today is adapted from my guest post Sensory Scented Snow on The Usual Mayhem

What to use:

1 box baking soda, 3-4 packets of hot chocolate with marshmallows (ours were colored), and cooking oil.

Hot Chocolate Snow Dough by FSPDT

What to do:

Mix baking soda and hot chocolate together.  Then add in oil.  You will be able to mold when ready.

Hot Chocolate Snow Dough by FSPDT

I used a tray to place the Hot Chocolate Snow Dough in.  I just loved the colorful mini marshmallows. 

Hot Chocolate Snow Dough by FSPDT
Sensory Play Activity- making ice cream and hot chocolate
Hot Chocolate Snow Dough by FSPDT

We had a nice day for some outside play.  I set the kids up in the play pool on the porch.  Then I let them take over and use their imagination for playtime with what they had.

Hot Chocolate Snow Dough by FSPDT

This is a great hands on afternoon activity for my kids.  They get to explore and learn through their senses.  And, well, it is just fun!  I loved the smell of this hot chocolate snow dough.  I would not recommend tasting it but it should not be harmful if the kids put a little in their mouth.

Hot Chocolate Snow Dough

The boys had fun scooping and molding the dough.  Then they had fun making a big mess in the pool.  The great thing was when they were done with playtime, it was all in one space to make for easy clean up.

Hot Chocolate Snow Dough by FSPDT
Maybe you and your kids can enjoy this too.  I am sure there are many fun ways to use it for playtime.


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