Hot Wheels Small World

Excited to take part in Still Playing Schools Small Worlds from A-Z series this month.  Of course I choose letter H.  It would be perfect for the one thing my kids play with EVERYDAY, Hot Wheels!  My kids can not get enough of those fun cars, trucks, buses…  You name it and we probably got it.  Even though we have tons of these cars the kids still ask for them for holidays and birthdays.  I even have a favorite collection of Hot Wheels, the Star Wars cars(shhh, do not tell the kids), lol. These will stay in the packages but no worries, playtime goes on with all the other ones we have.  The Hot Wheel Small World was an activity the kids loved.


Hot Wheels Small World pretend play idea for kids



Hot Wheels Small World



Supplies/what we used:




paper bags




washi tape


table top


a few road signs


how to setup a small world


To start we needed buildings to go in our town.  I asked my husband to draw a hospital, apartments, and so on on paper bags with sharpies.  Since he likes to draw he went along with it, lol.   The building went with the Hot Wheels I had out. Example:  Ambulance for the hospital.  Now that I had buildings I found a clear table top.  The kids table in the playroom worked great.


small world for hot wheels


I added some washi tape to make a road and placed the buildings along side of the road.  I added the Hot Wheels and it was time to play!




My oldest could not stand to wait and see what I was doing.  He was watching me as I gathered the Hot Wheels that morning and had been asking what did I do with them.  He was finally able to see what I was doing, a Hot Wheels small world for him to play with.  My kids are 2, 4, 6yr.  This activity would be great for all of them.  However, this day only big brother played with it while the younger boys played with grandma.   We left it out so they can take a turn later.

hot wheels small world play idea for kids


Hot Wheels Small World pretend play is super easy to setup and so much fun for playtime.


Small World Pretend Play from A to Z Series has TONS of miniature play ideas for kids!

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