How To Make Colored Salt

Why do you need to make colored salt?   Colored Salt can be fun to use in kid art projects and kid activities.  Adding fun colors to any activity seems to just make it more exciting for kids.  It gives it that visual sensory element that the plain white salt might be lacking. That is not to say that white salt cannot be fun all on its own.  We have an upcoming project that required salt so I decided to color it. With Spring and St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I went for a rainbow theme with our salt.  Today I share how to make rainbow salt.
How To Make Colored Salt

How To Make Colored Salt

What I used:


small bowls

liquid and gel food coloring

plastic bags

How To Make Colored Salt

I made color sugar for the kids during Christmas for an activity we did called Sugar Plum Factory.  I used the same technique for the salt. 

How To Make Colored Salt

 What to do:

Pour salt into separate bowls for each color you want.  Then, one at a time, add in the food coloring.  I wish I would have had plastic gloves but all I had was plastic bags.  I used the plastic bag like a glove on my finger and mixed the salt with my finger.  You can mix the food coloring in many different ways.  Since I had made colored sugar this way before I just went with it.

How To Make Colored Salt
I left it to dry over night in the bowls.  The next day I spread it out for our upcoming project.  Be sure to check back for that!
What would you do with colored salt?

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