How to Make Goop

Goop, why didn’t I think of that.  What a fun sensory play material for the kids.  Giving them a chance to explore their senses and have fun.  We set out to have some goop fun this day.

I was inspired by 2  blogs for this idea Two Big and Two Little and Growing A Jeweled Rose.  Today I am sharing how we played and the fun we had.

How to Make Goop

What you need: Cornstarch and water
What to do: Put cornstarch in a bowl, pot, or Rubbermaid and mix it with water until you get a goop consistency.

We added colored ice as the above link did.  We also had spoons, trucks, spray bottle as one of the links above and colored water.  What I did was get a large bowl, tray, spoons etc… out and put it in our plastic pool on the deck.  My oldest said he wasn’t going to do it and wanted to play in the sand.  So me and my youngest got in the pool and when big brother saw us he came right over.  He took over pouring cornstarch, mixing, and adding water.  He used the spray bottle and I poured some from a pitcher.  I forgot the ice and had to run back in for them.  We added too much water and had to keep adding more cornstarch.  He didn’t mind he was having fun now.  The youngest hung out a little with us and felt the goop but mostly he kept walking around the deck and playing in the playhouse and went to the sand table and played a sec. He’s only 1yr so I never expect much from him. The goop made such a mess, I knew it was messy play but we had it everywhere.  It wasn’t so bad outside but it was brought into the house and made the wood floors very slippery.  I should have hosed them down before we came in.  If we do this again in the future we will do it on a day daddy is home, this way I will have some extra help.  We did have fun while mixing and playing and that’s what counts.  It just got a little hairy there at the end with goop everywhere!  But we all survived  and will know what to expect and maybe plan better next time.  Its always a learning experience trying out new play activities.  What’s great when you try them for a second time is you can better prepare or add in new things.  How do you play with goop or have you ever tried it out?

How to Make Goop

How to Make Goop

How to Make Goop

How to Make Goop

How to Make Goop

Great sensory play.  They can touch and feel the goop with their hands.

Mixing with colored water.

Adding some colored ice.

Messy baby, if I had taken a picture of myself you would have seen I was messy too,lol.

Time to test it with his hands.

Finally it started to thicken up, just be careful not to add too much water at one time like we did.

Of course he ended the play activities with his truck, he had a few out before we came in.

We left our platter of goop out on our front porch for a few day and it dried out.  I didn’t have any reason other than not wanting to clean it up the first day but after it dried I thought hum, what can we do with dried goop.  I left it there on the porch.  My son a day later was outside playing with his grandparents and got into the dried goop.  He knew what to do with it.  He crumbled it and started pushing it and dumping it with his truck.  He had more fun with the dried goop than he did the wet .  Here are a few pictures of it.

Please do come and visit us again. We would love to have you back.

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       All kids are different and only you can decide how you let your kids play. And with what materials you let them play with. My children are supervised when playing. Please keep this in mind with any post you read of mine!      


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