How To Make Homemade Multi Colored Crayons Great Earth Day Activity

My toddler has been having a lot of fun breaking crayons in half at our house.  The pile of broken crayons has been piling up.  I have had on my list of “want to try” for us to make homemade shaped crayons for a  while.  It seems like now was the perfect time.  With Earth Day also coming up I went with an earth theme for our Homemade Multi Colored Crayons.
Earth Day Crayons

How To Make Homemade Multi Colored Crayons

 Great Earth Day Activity


Supplies/What you need:
(broken) crayons, you can just buy cheap crayons and break or cut them up.
pan- we used a metal mini muffin pan. It is what I had. I hear the silicon ones are great for this but to make sure you want to donate them to craft making only.
cupcake papers- you could try this without the papers but I wanted to be able to reuse my pan for baking so I chose to line the pan.
How to make homemade multi colored crayons:
We unwrapped the crayons.  We then broke them down into smaller pieces.  We lined the muffin pan. We added the broken blue and green color crayons to the pan.  We had the oven preheated to 250 degrees.  We left them in there 15-20 minutes or until melted.  Make sure to keep checking them.  Take the crayons out and let them cool.  I left ours out about an hour on the counter and came back to check them.  I removed the paper.  Now we had homemade multi colored crayons with an earth theme.  
We talked about Earth Day coming up and how we can recycle things we have to use them again.  By doing this we are helping our planet Earth.  My kids are still young 4 yr and 2 yr but I want to start now introducing them to Earth Day and why we celebrate it.  I hope by talking to them about different causes and holidays now, that over the years it will stay with them.  We try to practice taking care of the Earth all throughout the year but April is a good month to talk a little about why we do the things we do.
Once we had our new crayons we colored a few coloring pages.  What a fun day to make crayons and then coloring.  This was a simple and fun activity for toddler and preschooler.  We hope you and your kids can have fun with it too.
 How To Make Homemade Multi Colored Crayons {Great Earth Day Activity}
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