I don’t have to be afraid spray~ for kids

My oldest was only able to fall asleep if someone sat with him.  This was not a big problem when it was just him or even him and his little brother.  When baby brother came it was impossible for me to be with my oldest and care for the baby at bedtime. The baby never seemed to be asleep when my oldest was ready for bed.  Fortunately little brother went to bed earlier and baby brother was usually asleep for me to get him to bed. My husband does not have bankers hours so most nights bedtimes are all on me.  I had to come up with a plan to help him fall asleep on his own. The I Don’t Have To Be Afraid Spray was invented. 
I don't have to be afraid spray~ for kids


I don’t have to be afraid spray

I know it has such a long title but he never complained of monsters so I did not want to give it the title of “Monster Spray” (as I saw online before).  Then he would soon want to know why we had monster on it and this would add to his fear of being alone. Being alone seemed to be why he could not sleep.  He said he heard weird noises and they scared him.  I wanted to give him a way to fight this fear and this spray seemed like a good idea to try. I decided to give the spray a calming scent to try and help relax him as well.
I don't have to be afraid spray
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What we used:

lavender oil – Young Living Lavender Essential Oil – 5 ml is what we keep on hand these days.


little spray bottle -like these Fantasea Fine Mist Spray Bottle, 2.5 Ounce

I don't have to be afraid spray
What we do:
Mix the water to a few drops of lavender oil in the spray bottle.  Add a fun tag and oila you have I Don’t Have To Be Afraid Spray.
I mixed this up for him one day while he was at preschool.  When he got ready for bed that night I explained mommy had some magic spray for him to spray in his room to keep him safe and take away any fear he had of being alone.  I even let him sleep with it a few nights.  Then he could spray it anytime he wanted.  Now he sprays before bedtime in his room and sits  it on his dresser.


I don't have to be afraid spray

We recently went through a phase of not wanting to go to the bathroom by himself.  We got the I Don’t Have To Be Afraid Spray out.  I left it on the kitchen counter so he could take it with him throughout the house during the day and spray it in the house to help him feel safe.  A few weeks later he is back to going to the bathroom on his own, no spray needed.  I am no psychologist or therapist just an everyday mom that remembers what it was like to be scared as a little kid.  This spray just gives him a way to feel in control over his fears and if a little lavender and water can help him feel safe and more at ease we will take it.

I know he is not the only child that goes through these phase of fear and because of that I wanted to share our experience with others in hopes that maybe this could work for another child who feels afraid.  

The little tag I made for him.  Feel free to save and use for yourself but do not sell or use for anything other than personal use.  Thank you.

   If you are interested in essential oils you can look here. 


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