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We are back to school!  No more sleeping in or lunch with all my kids. My oldest is at school full time this year and he is taking a lunch from home with him.  I miss him at lunch time but try to find a way to send him a great lunch to school. I love our Rubbermaid LunchBlox Kit. It is great for a simple well portioned meal on the go. This has really come in handy for us this year.  It is a simple solution and makes my life less complicated. I also love that Rubbermaid LunchBlox Kit is easy to find, easy to use, and keeps my son’s food fresh. To try and send a little “love” with my son to school, I created a I LoveYou Bento (or  home-packed meal) for him to have at school.  So glad it was easy to make and store in our LunchBlox containers.


I love you LunchBlox idea for kids

I Love You LunchBlox

lunch bento idea



Supplies/what you need:


LunchBlox Kit






peanut butter








food pick




small heart shaped cookie cutter


food markers

how to make a heart shaped sprinkle sandwich


How to make and I love you sprinkle sandwich:


Take 2 pieces of bread and place on a plate.  Take one piece and press the heart shaped cookie cutter in the middle.  Remove this piece of bread.  Putter peanut butter on the other piece of bread.  On the piece with the heart cutout add jelly to it.  Put the jelly bread on top of the peanut butter bread.  Now grab the sprinkles and shake in the heart opening.  The peanut butter holds the sprinkles on.  Take your food marker and write an I up top and a U on the bottom.  Now you have an I “love” U sandwich.


i love you sandwich with sprinkles


I now can fill the perfect portions with handy measuring on the sides containers.  This helps keep up with how much and what you or the kids eat.  I added some of his favorites: celery stick with ranch to dip and raspberries with a food pick. The food pick just makes fruit more fun.

He now has a simple and yummy lunch for school.


I Love You LunchBlox

Things I like about the LunchBlox Kit:

·       LunchBlox Kits by Rubbermaid help make packing my sons lunch easy with its  food storage containers that snap together.

·      His lunch fits neatly into his lunchbox and stays chilled with the snap-in Blue Ice®  tray.

·       100% BPA free, Lunchblox’s are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.




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