Ice Block Treasure- Fun Activity For Kids

We love ice and water play at my house.  We also love simple science!  Ice melting is a fun simple science experiment for young kids.  Perfect for us.  I was inspired by Counting for Coconuts Frozen Fun to put together one of our won.  We did an Ice Block Treasure activity using junk drawer items.  My son had so much fun with this and it kept him busy for a while.  We will be doing this again.

ice block treasure


Ice Block Treasure- Fun Activity For Kids


What you need/ supplies:


toys (I just grabbed odds and ends out of drawers in our kitchen)

and put those in the water.  

We could fill a  box with the little things I have put in the “junk” drawers since my youngest son started crawling.  So grabbing those out and putting them to ease was quick and easy. 

Ice Block Fun for the kids

What to do:  

Put toys or whatever you want them to find in a bowl and then add water.  Freeze until solid.  I left mine in the freezer a few days until we had time to do it.  When we got it out to do this activity I got out a few more things.  I got out a spray bottle, and dish soap bottles I had saved, and water guns.  I filled them with hot water and a few I added food coloring.  My son wanted a tray to put the bowl on so he would not loose his little man.  ( He was a little upset with me for putting his stuff in the ice, but I explained it would come out)  So glad I didn’t put his beloved hot wheels in, that was my first thought!


 He kept touching the ice to see if the toys would come out at first.

 My husband was home this day, so he was able to get a pictures of my son and I together.  This is rare!

Ice Block Fun for the kids

He set out to see what it took to melt the ice to free his junk drawer items.

Ice Block Fun for the kids

 Using the dish soap bottle, this one worked the best for us.  The more water coming out the easier it was to melt the ice.

Ice Block Fun for the kids

 The ice is melting and he finally gets all his treasure out!

Ice Block Fun for the kids
Melting ice is a great simple science experiment to try with young kids.  Exploring that ice will melt with the right solution.  We found that adding hot/warm water in large burst from the soap bottles melted our ice.  In the end he was able to rescue his junk drawer treasure.
Ice Block Treasure- Fun Activity For Kids

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