In doors bug hunt

The week we did this there had been having record breaking highs in our weather.  The temperature had been in the 100’s.  I had to come up with a few things to do inside for the boys.  My son had already picked out the magnifying glass at the store earlier that week.  I had hoped to go outside and let him look around with it but with the heat I had to come up with plan B.  My boys had started to fight over the magnifying glass so I ran back into the store that week when we were out.  While there I picked up some plastic bugs for them to hunt.  This is how we ended up hunting for bugs indoors.


Inside Bug Hunt for Gross Motor Skills


Our in doors bug hunt!

In doors bug hunt

What we used:

I already had a bucket on hand so I just emptied all the bugs into it and put the magnifying glass in there too.   I showed it to my oldest and explained what we could do.  He thought this idea was great.

In doors bug hunt

What we did:

While my son was in one room I went to the other and hid all the bugs around the room.

In doors bug hunt

Since he is only 3yr I didn’t want to hide the bugs too well.  I wanted him to be able to find them.  Little brother was napping but got to come play later.

He couldn’t wait to get started!

Using the plastic tweezers to pick up the bug.  Great for fine motor skills.

He would ask me what type of bug it was when he picked it up.  Great way to work on speech and learning new words, the names of bugs.

Using the magnifying glass to look at the bug.

He now said the bucket was the trash and added the bugs to it.

Emptying the bugs out in the trash.  All this running around is great for his gross motor skills or large muscles.

He was having so much fun and I wanted just one picture of his cute face.  I have told him before mommy takes pictures of the things we do so we can tell other Mommy’s what we did. That way other kids can have fun too if they want. When he doesn’t want his picture taken I work around it and just leave him out or his face. I am getting around to telling you why you see a picture of me in the post.  He told me I could get his face if I took a picture of myself and put it up for mom’s to see too.  Oh, I laughed.  I did take the picture and to keep my end of the deal here is a picture of me, lol.  Maybe it will give you a good laugh.

Now back to hunting bugs! The bugs have now made their way up to the bed.

Makes me think of “good night, don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

Oh, look little brother made it to play.  He didn’t look for bugs they are all over the place by now.  He does have fun driving them around.  He loves to copy everything big brother does.

He brought the net over from the other room to play too.

They have been playing with the bugs… on and off this week.  It seems they like playing with bugs.  I love that they are having fun.  The also get to work on gross and fine motor skills in the process.
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