J is for Jump Gross Motor Play

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My kids are high energy, I never hide that.  They move from sun up until sun down at night.  I do not blog about a lot of gross motor because I have no need to set up activities for them. They find their own fun running, throwing, and jumping… They get gross motor practice daily, lol. I do love to find fun ways to include a little learning touch to our playtime though, since the kids already LOVE to JUMP.  I knew we would have to do J is for Jump for this gross motor blog hop since jumping is a daily event for us.  Now to add a little learning fun to it to share with all of you.  With J is for Jump Gross Motor Play, a fun word jumping game is born.


j is for jump gross motor game





 J is for Jump Gross Motor Play

J is for Jump Gross Motor Play


 Get ready set, JUMP!


 What we used:


foam stars from Dollar Tree







J is for Jump Gross Motor Play


What we did:


I took the colored foam stars we had and added “J” letter words to each one.  I used a sharpie to write on the foam stars.  Once I had a letter J word on each star we taped them to the floor.  Now it was time to play!  We started at one end and jumped across the floor landing on each letter J word.  As they jumped I called out the words.  The words big brother knew he would call them out.  Even baby brother came and ran through behind them.  He would jump a little but mostly ran around.


J is for Jump Gross Motor Play


 Gross motor activities are geared toward working the large muscle groups.  These muscle groups control walking, running, jumping… Working on gross motor skills over and over helps build these muscles and makes these activities easier for children to do.  Running, jumping, crawling…. they are also great ways to stay fit and be healthy.  We look forward to more gross motor play activities and games.  And, if nothing else, the kids will keep running and jumping on their own through the house working on them all their own.




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