Jam and Cream Cheese Bites

So how many others have heard of, or seen, the jalapeno jam and cream cheese dip before?  I have seen it on pinterest before and thought “that looks good but it might be to spicy for me”.  I also know that the kids would not go for it either.  If mommy is going to make a fun snack, I rather make one we can all enjoy instead of making two or more.  Raspberry Jam and Cream Cheese Bites sounded good.  As we found out they taste great too!  A fun snack for kids and easy for them to help make as well.  We had a great time practicing using a butter knife and eating our bites.



Jame and Cream Cheese Bites a fun snack for the kids



Jam and Cream Cheese Bites



What we used/ ingredients:


raspberry jam


fresh raspberries


cream cheese







I love finding easy snacks the kids can help make.  You do not have to cook a 3 course meal to get the kids in the kitchen or cooking.  I loved that this simple snack gave them the opportunity to practice cutting with the butter knife and smearing on the jam with it.  Little things we might not think much about but for my 4 and 6yr it is a big deal.




How to make/ what to do:


I took the jam and spooned some out into a small bowl.  This way the kids did not get a lot of food back in the jam jar from their knives.  I filled a bowl with fresh raspberries to add on as a finishing touch.  I placed half a block of cream cheese on the plate with the crackers.  We used ritz crackers because they are a favorite of ours.  Once I had it all set out it was time to let the kids make their own jam and cream cheese bites.


Kid Snack


The kids cut the cream cheese and added it to the cracker.  They now scooped up some jam on their knife and smeared it around on top of the cream cheese.  Last, and optional, add a fresh raspberry.


Now enjoy your bites!  I loved how they turned out.  The cream cheese and the jam were just perfect on the salty cracker.  One kid liked them, one did not(but ate plain crackers), and one liked them with jam only.  Well, at least I can sit one tray out and we can all pick and choose what we want for snack time with this treat.

Jam and cream cheese bites cooking with kids


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