Jello Sensory Play For Kids { Forth Of July Theme}

My oldest son was walking around a little bored, so I decided to try and create something for him to do.  Daddy was home so I set them up with a Jello Sensory Play Activity.  With the up coming 4th of July celebration a red, white, and blue theme was perfect for playtime.  This would also be great for Memorial Day or just to go over the colors RED, WHITE, and BLUE.  These two had so much fun with this messy play date.  It also ended up being a great one on one activity for child and dad.

Jello Sensory Play for kids

Jello Sensory Play For Kids { Forth Of July Theme}

What we used:


plastic ice cubes for dollar store


whipped topping


jello cups


bowls and spoons


What we did:
 I got out a bucket and put bowls inside it.  One had jello, one had plastic ice cubes I found at dollar tree the day before, and whip topping.  Since our 4th of July holiday is right around the corner I went with the red, white, and blue theme.
He took the plastic ice, jello, whipped topping, and blows and started exploring. Touching the jello and feeling the texture.  Perfect way to explore by touch.


Yay, daddy got to play today.  They boys love to spend time with daddy. IT is always more fun to spend it in a mess play activity. 


 One exciting creation was made after another.  Lots of imagination play going on this day.


 Let’s make a mess!!!! Figuring out how to use the whip topping. Lots of hands in and a great open ended activity for my son. Mashing it all up! Working on his little hand muscles.


 I think it is great that kids enjoy messy play. It is great for them to use their imaginations and explore new things! He is serving up his latest creation.  This was also a great way to go over colors.

 We didn’t eat any of this play food although it was safe to eat.  This could be a great multi age sensory play activity for the kids. 
Jello Sensory Play for Kids
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