Jelly Bean Science Experiment

Do you and the kids love candy science?  We do over here at my house.  Finding ways to use up candy that does not include eating it is always a plus at my house.  So what better to do with a few bags of jelly beans than to use them in a science experiment with the kids. Jelly Bean Science is easy and fun for you and the kids.
Jelly Bean Science Experiment

Jelly Bean Science Experiment

science for kids

Supplies/What we used:

*jelly beans

*small bowls


candy science for kids

What we did:

First we separated the jelly beans by color into separate bowls.  Fun way to color sort with the kids.

jelly bean experiment for kids

Now we added water to all the bowls with the jelly beans in them.  You could change up what you add to each bowl.  Maybe add salt water to one, coke or sprite to another… I used only water for a reason. You will have to check back to find out why.

science experiment with jelly beans

Now we went over what we thought would happen to the jelly beans after sitting in the water.  We quickly noticed the water in the bowls changing colors as we talked.  

jelly bean science for kids

We left the jelly beans in the water for several hours before we came back to check them.  Now what happens to a jelly bean that sits in water?  The color fades and the candy part becomes mushy.

We touch the jelly beans to observe the changes the water made to them.  My son replied mushy!
jelly bean simple science for kids

Then he wanted to know if they still tasted good.  So we taste tested them.  He said they still had a good flavor but the consistency was no good. Last we looked at the water in the bowls and examined it.  It had bright colors and each bowl had a fruit scent.  My son wanted to taste them too.  Not that yummy.  

jelly bean candy science for kids  
This was a fun and simple science experiment for me and my toddler to do one afternoon.  Perfect way to use up some of those jelly beans in the house.
jelly bean science experiment  
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