Jingle Bells and Jars-great for fine motor skills and fun music maker

Jingle Bells and Jars-great for fine motor skills and fun music maker by FSPDT
The Jingle Bells and Jars was a child lead activity.  I went along with it and got to watch as they had tons of fun with this simple idea.  They were also working on fine motor skills by twisting the cap on and off…  I love watching as my kids find ways to entertain themselves.  

Some days my kids come up with their own entertainment and that is how we got jingle bells and jars.  We bought a box of jingle bells at the Dollar Tree and used them in our Christmas sensory box.  After they got through playing that day I put the jingle bells together down in a paper cup that was out to put up for another time.  The next day my toddler saw the cup on the counter and asked for it.  He then began playing with them.  We sat together and sang jingle bells.  He then started putting the bells in a jar from his kitchen.  My preschooler now wanted to come play too.  He was not as entertained as my toddler was with this but had some fun too.  My toddler kept putting the jingle bells back and forth in the jars.  He kept putting the lids on and taking them off of the jars.  He also ran through the house jingling with the jingle bell jars.  He had me and my oldest son laughing.  He had so much fun with this simple activity I just had to share his fun with you.  I hope that you and your kids can have some fun with this too.

Jingle Bells and Jars- toddler created activity
Simple and fun toddler activity.

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