Juicy Juice Science Experiment Playdate

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I had a fun idea for a Juicy Juice Science Experiment Playdate for the boys. The idea of using a product we loved and creating a fun experiment for the kids got me really excited. We love simple science at my house and I could not wait to see their reaction to it. As I continued thinking on this activity I decided to let them create science journals for our experiment. We used some really cool Crayola crayons to do this. This was the perfect way to spend an afternoon at my house exploring, crafting, playing, learning…
Juicy Juice Science Experiment Playdate




Juicy Juice Science Experiment Playdate

I just love the coupons the packs of Juicy Juice come with!!

Juicy Juice Science Playdate

I know that the boys do activities together all the time but I wanted to set up a “Sibling Playdate” for them.  Often, when it is just the kids, I do not plan and prep as I would for a playdate with others.  So for this afternoon play activity I set them up a Juicy Juice Science Experiment Playdate.  It was a lot of fun to set up and even more fun to watch them interact.  They REALLY enjoyed their science lab and I see us setting this up again.

How I set up our “Science Lab”.  I got a black sheet and taped it in the corner.  I then slid the kids small table in front of it.  On the table I added items for our experiment and a sign to the sheet reading simply ” Science Lab”. 

Juicy Juice Science Experiment Playdate

To start our playdate off we created Science Journals with these super cool Crayola Egg Shaped Crayons.  These were fun to use for all 3 of my kids ages 1-5yr. Baby brother did not make a journal but he did color on paper.

Juicy Juice Science Experiment Playdate
Science Journal
What we used:
colored cardstock
composition notebooks
Egg Shaped Crayons by Crayola 
glue stick
Juicy Juice Science Experiment Playdate with Crayola

What to do:

Let the kids color the cardstock with the crayons.  Then take and glue the colored paper to the front of the composition notebook.  I took and glued the left over paper down inside the notebook.  You could cut it off if you wished.

Juicy Juice Science Experiment Playdate with Crayola

Last I wrote SCIENCE JOURNAL on the front.  You could write the child’s name… on the front.  I just love how unique each journal looked.

Science Journal with Crayola
Juicy Juice Science Experiment
Now for the most exciting part!

Juicy Juice Science Experiment Playdate

What we used:

Juicy Juice “juice boxes” to my kids-  I love that they are 100% juice and have vitamin C.

little plastic cups

science journals


The other added items were for fun to create the scene of a “science lab”.  




swim or safety goggles

Juicy Juice Science Experiment Playdate
We had 3 different flavored juices to test.  We called them A, B, C.  I labeled the little cups A, B, C.  In their journals I had already written out A on the top of the first page.  Then it read:
Taste Test:
~ bitter
Like 🙂 or Do Not Like 🙁 

I wrote this out on 3 pages for test A, B, and C.  The kids are still learning to write… so I helped them fill it in.  I also gave them the option to circle or put check marks by some of the answers.

Juicy Juice Science Experiment Playdate

Before they tasted the juice in the cup they made predictions.  After testing they noted their observations.  Last they wrote their conclusions.

Juicy Juice Science Experiment Playdate

Do you think the juice will be sweet or bitter?

Juicy Juice Science Experiment Playdate


Final conclusion for big brother: he liked 3 of 3!  Final conclusion of little brother: he liked 2 of 3.

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