Junk Drawer Sink or Float

We love the sink or float science experiment.  It just never gets old with my children.  We did a fun sink or float in the sink before and the older kids enjoyed it so much.  One day the kids were looking for something to do so I set them up with a Junk Drawer Sink or Float activity.  It was fun to see baby brother get in on the fun this time.  Sometimes things we have done before are totally new to him.  I love finding activities all of them can enjoy together.  This was super easy to set up and they all had fun.



Junk Drawer Sink or Float simple science for kids





Junk Drawer Sink or Float





What we used/ supplies:


junk drawer items


clear plastic bin







What we did:


The kids love going through the drawers in the kitchen.  I have given them their own drawer of junk.  They go through this drawer often and find ways to be entertained with all these odds and ends that have been put away.  They picked out several items that could get wet to start.  I put them all in a bowl.  I then filled a plastic container with water.  I laid a towel down on the table and placed the plastic bin with water on top.  Now it was time to see what would sink and what would float.




They all took turns picking an item to drop in the water.  They would guess if it would sink or float and then drop it in the water.  The more dense items sank and the less dense items floated.  My oldest son wanted to know what we could do to make the less dense items sink.  Adding more weight might work he said.  He is already planning his next sink or float experiment.  I love that after years of doing sink or float experiments he is thinking more critically.  We will have to set this up again and let him try this out.  But for now this simple setup was a lot of fun for all 3 kids.  Ages 2yr, 4yr, and 6yr.


More junk drawer fun was with our ice block treasure in 2012.  Love looking back and seeing how big the kids are getting.

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