Kid’s Artwork Candles




It is time to explore a new book on Preschool Book Club.  This time we are reading Ish by Peter Reynolds.  This was a fun story to read.  We got a little creative-ish and made some fun kid’s artwork candles after reading this story of a boy who loves to draw.  I just loved how the candles turned out.  Not sure I will ever burn them but keep them as decoration.  A fun reminder of the kids and I exploring books when they were little.

Artwork Candles inspired by Ish




 Kid’s Artwork Candles



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What we used/ supplies:


Ish (Creatrilogy)




wax paper


tissue paper






blow dryer




What we did/ how to make:


I cut tissue paper about the size of the candle.  I wanted to try to transfer over as much of their drawings “artwork” as I could.  I placed the tissue paper on scrap pieces of cardstock I had.  I did this to keep them from bleeding through to the table when drawing.  Now I had them look through the book again and see if inspiration hit from any drawing in the story.  My oldest picked one to try and create and little brother just got excited he could use my box of sharpies.




Once they complected the masterpieces I took over.  I do just love how they turned out.





Now, how to transfer this drawing to a candle.  I took the candle and laid it on it’s side on top of the tissue paper.  I cut off what would not fit.  I then cut a larger piece of wax paper out. I placed the candle with the tissue paper on it on the wax paper.  As seen in second photo below.  Now plug in the hair dryer before you start.  With the wax paper pulled tight to keep the tissue paper in place start blow drying the candle. Picture 3 is before I turned the dryer on.  I held the candle up off the counter and moved the dyer back and forth.  I did this for a few minutes.




After drying the candle for a while let loose the wax paper a little and see if the tissue paper stuck to the candle.  If it is stuck the transfer was complete!  If it starts to fall off keep blow drying.


I just love how our Ish candles turned out.  Kid’s artwork candles would make great decorations, keepsakes, or gifts for family and friends.  I love these so much I am going to have to keep them for us.  I can see us making more for grandparents later on.



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