Ladybug Cupcake Liner Craft

Spring is in full force here at our house.  The bees, the pollen, the rain showers, the warmer weather… We felt inspired to make some spring crafts one afternoon.  One of the first things we thought of was a ladybug or ladybird.  I set out to see what we could use to make a few.  Cupcake liners were a great start.  Once we collected the craft supplies it did not take long for the kids to create fun ladybug pictures.  We enjoyed our crafting time together this afternoon.


Ladybug cupcake liner craft



Ladybug Cupcake Liner Craft


What we used/ supplies:


red cupcake liners


white cardstock


black paint




yellow paint


googly eyes we got from


glue stick




What we did/ how to make:

We glued down the red cupcake liners to the white cardstock to start.  Next the kids put black fingerprints on on the cupcake liner.  They then glued on 2 googly eyes.  We added a few yellow fingerprints on some of the pictures.  We left them to dry.




We came back and used a green sharpie to add in some grass.  We used a black sharpie to add in details to the ladybug.  The ones with yellow fingerprints we turned into bees with a black sharpie.


Ladybug Cupcake Liner Carft

Now we had a few fun spring pictures to hang on our art wall.  We talked a little about the letter L and went over colors too.  My oldest knows all this but having 2 more it is good to help the second one with it and get the youngest involved now.  We all had a lovely time crafting and hanging out.




I even framed one to put in my office.  This ladybug cupcake liner craft could be a great gift for grandparents too.


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