Leaf Monster Art for Kids

The leaves have started to turn here in the south!  I am super excited for Fall as I love the weather, activities, and holidays it brings.  While on a morning walk I stepped on a colorful leaf and inspiration hit.  I can make Leaf Monster craft with the kids when I get back home. The colorful leaves would make a great canvas for a morning art project.
Leaf Monster Art for Kids

Leaf Monster Art for Kids

 Leaf Monster Art for Kids

Supplies/What we used:

Colorful leaves (you could make leaf shapes out of paper too)



construction paper cutout mouths/teeth


Leaf Monster Art for Kids


What we did:

Set the invitation to create out for the kids and let them take over.
My oldest added some yarn hair, button, eyes, and paper mouth, and nose.

Leaf Monster Art for Kids
We have had our Leaf Monsters for about 3-4 days and they are hanging on.  They have not crumbled yet.  I did laminate several more leaves for us to make more.  Then we should be able to keep them longer.
We hope you can enjoy this idea too.
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